document.write("\u003cdiv class=\"feedevent\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"title\"\u003e\u003ca href=\"\" target=\"blank\" \u003eChallenges to Immigrant Communities under Trump | Jonah Eaton\u003c/a\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"regspaces\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"enddate\"\u003e02/28/2017\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"starttime\"\u003e5:00 PM\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"endtime\"\u003e7:00 PM\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"recurrence\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"description\"\u003ePlease join us for a special talk hosted by Jonah Eaton ’02 on President Trump’s Recent Action on Immigration\r\n\r\nDATE/TIME/PLACE: February 28th, from 5pm-7pm, in Sci Center 101\r\n\r\nPIZZA WILL BE SERVED!!\r\n\r\nMore info on the event below, look forward to seeing you all there!\r\n\r\nPresident Donald Trump campaigned on aggressively curtailing immigration to the US and ‘securing’ US boarders by stopping the flow of immigrants. In the weeks since taking office, the new administration rapidly moved through a series of executive orders, which left the nation\u0027s airports in chaos, spurred national protests, and brought broad, although not universal, rebuke from the judiciary. This talk will explore the legal underpinnings of the executive orders, how they violate the Constitution or federal statutes, and, most importantly, how future orders may survive legal challenge.\r\n\r\nJonah Eaton (’02), an attorney and specialist in refugee and asylum law at Philadelphia’s Nationalities Services Center, will draw on how anti-discrimination laws and Constitutional protections clash with longstanding judicial deference to the executive on matters of national security and immigration. Finally, Jonah will discuss how these orders effected immigrants and refugees attempting to come to the United States.\r\n\r\nSpecial thanks to all of our co-sponsors, which include the MSA, FFS, the Islamic Studies Department, the Peace and Conflict Studies Department, the Sociology and Anthropolgy Departments, SAO, ENLACE, Swarthmore Pre-Law Society, Undocumented/DACA Student Group, SPJP, Kehilah, Interfaith, Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, WOCKA, and AMENA.\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"contact\"\u003eKatie Price,, 61-328-7780\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"location\"\u003eScience Center : Science Center 101 - Chang Hou Hall\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"image\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"thumbnail\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"category\"\u003eAcademic Departments & Programs, Diversity, Intercultural Center, Interfaith, Lang Center, Lecture/Talk/ Reading/ Panel, Public Events\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"extrainfo\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"sponsor\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"opento\"\u003eThe Public\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"startdate\"\u003e02/28/2017\u003c/div\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"feedevent\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"title\"\u003e\u003ca href=\"\" target=\"blank\" \u003ePainting Enlightenment: The Art & Science of the Heart Sūtra by Paula Arai\u003c/a\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"regspaces\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"enddate\"\u003e02/28/2017\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"starttime\"\u003e4:30 PM\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"endtime\"\u003e6:00 PM\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"recurrence\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"description\"\u003eJapanese biologist and visionary artist, Iwasaki Tsuneo (1917-2002), painted the resonances he discovered between scientific and Buddhist views of reality. Expressing the inter-dependent, impermanent, and empty nature of phenomena, he shaped the words of the Heart Sūtra––a scripture prized for its concise expression of wisdom and compassion––into imagery drawn from ephemeral beauties of nature, Buddhist cultural life, and microscopic and telescopic wonders. \u003cbr /\u003e\r\n\u003cbr /\u003e\r\nPaula Arai is the author of \u003cem\u003eWomen Living Zen: Japanese Buddhist Nuns\u003c/em\u003e (Oxford University Press, 1999) and \u003cem\u003eBringing Zen Home: The Healing Heart of Japanese Buddhist Women’s Rituals \u003c/em\u003e(University of Hawaii Press, 2011), received her PhD in Buddhist Studies from Harvard University. Her current project, \u003cem\u003eLiberating Compassion: The Art & Science of the Heart Sutra\u003c/em\u003e, includes a book, workshops, public presentations, and exhibitions of paintings by a Japanese contemplative scientist that encodes Buddhist metaphysics into scientific and everyday images.\u003cbr /\u003e\r\n\u003cbr /\u003e\r\nPaula has also published research on Japanese Buddhism in journal articles and chapters in edited volumes, and she regularly presents at national and international venues. Her research has received generous support from Fulbright and American Council of Learned Societies Fellowships, as well as grants from the Mellon Foundation, Reischauer Institute of Harvard University, Vanderbilt University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Carleton College, the American Academy of Religion, and ATLAS (Awards to Louisiana Artists and Scholars). She is currently an associate professor of Buddhist Studies at Louisiana State University and is active in Asian Studies and Women\u0027s Studies at Louisiana State. \u003cbr /\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"contact\"\u003eAnna Everetts,, (610) 328-7750\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"location\"\u003eScience Center : Science Center 199 - Cunniff Hall\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"image\"\u003e\u003cimg src=\"\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Paula Arai at Enlightenment Session\" /\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"thumbnail\"\u003e\u003cimg src=\"\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Paula Arai at Enlightenment Session\" /\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"category\"\u003eAcademic Departments & Programs, Intercultural Center, Interfaith, Lecture/Talk/ Reading/ Panel, Library, Public Events, Student Events, Women\u0027s Resouce Center\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"extrainfo\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"sponsor\"\u003eAsian Studies, Department of Art, Department of Religion, and the Japanese Section of Modern Languages and Literatures\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"opento\"\u003eThe Public\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"startdate\"\u003e02/28/2017\u003c/div\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"feedevent\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"title\"\u003e\u003ca href=\"\" target=\"blank\" \u003eSenior Recital, Iris Chan\u003c/a\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"regspaces\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"enddate\"\u003e02/25/2017\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"starttime\"\u003e8:00 PM\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"endtime\"\u003e9:30 PM\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"recurrence\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"description\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"gmail_extra\" style=\"color: #222222; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12.8px;\"\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 12.8px; font-family: arial, sans-serif; color: #222222;\"\u003eJoin pianist Iris Chan for her senior recital,\u003c/span\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 12.8px; font-family: arial, sans-serif; color: #222222;\"\u003e a celebration of four years of music-making at Swarthmore! She will perform solo pieces by Liszt and \u003c/span\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 12.8px; font-family: arial, sans-serif; color: #222222;\"\u003eJanáček, as well as ensemble works by Schubert and Finzi, featuring her teacher Marcantonio Barone as well s the Swarthmore College Lab Orchestra led by Andrew Kim \u002718. It’s a wonderful program that highlights the most influential aspects of Iris\u0027 musical life at Swarthmore – hope to see you there!\u003c/span\u003e\u003cbr /\u003e\r\n\u003cbr /\u003e\r\n\u003cbr /\u003e\r\n\u003cbr /\u003e\r\n\u003c/div\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"contact\"\u003eJenny Honig,, 6109576159\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"location\"\u003eLang Music Building : Lang Concert Hall, Lang Music Building,\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"image\"\u003e\u003cimg src=\"\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Iris Headshot\" /\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"thumbnail\"\u003e\u003cimg src=\"\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Iris Headshot\" /\u003e\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"category\"\u003eAcademic Departments & Programs, Arts & Culture, Performance, Public Events\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"extrainfo\"\u003eThis performance will be streamed live:\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"sponsor\"\u003eDepartment of Music and Dance\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"opento\"\u003eThe Public\u003c/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"startdate\"\u003e02/25/2017\u003c/div\u003e\u003c/div\u003e");