Markus Baenziger: Wayside
12:00 PM
5:00 PM
This event recurs daily until 9/10/2014.
Markus Baenziger's sculptures integrate his love of nature with his immersion in a gritty, imperfect, and industrialized world. His exhibition of new works takes its title from a six foot-wide wall relief that evokes leafy tendrils spreading like wings on either side of a distressed piece of cardboard. Approaching the work from a distance, one realizes that these naturalistically rendered forms are actually made of bronze. Such works call attention to the continuum between decay and new growth, neglect and care, mechanization and craftsmanship. Baenziger’s mastery of design and attention to detailproduce works that appear both familiar and emblematic of larger forces.
Betsy Lee,
Lang Performing Arts Center : List Gallery, Lang Performing Arts Center : LPAC List Gallery, Lang Performing Arts Center,
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Joseph Leidy Exhibit: Oct. 1-31
All Day
Thisevent and exhibition celebrate the science of Joseph Leidy,Swarthmore's first professor of Biology (i.e., Natural History). Leidywas one of America's leading paleontologists, protozoologists, andparasitologists during his years at Swarthmore. He mounted the firstdinosaur skeleton (ever) and was the firstperson to solve a murder mystery using the microscope (when he was anassistant coroner in Philadelphia). He was also an amazing scientificillustrator, and although his beloved museum was destroyed in theParrish fire, his hand-drawn teaching charts remain. Many of these willbe displayed on the main floor along with some of the specimens hecollected. 

Brief talks by historian of science and exhibit curator Carin Berkowitz andProfessor of Wistar Institute and University of Pennsylvania biologyprofessor Leonard Warren will be followed by a reception. The reception and talks will take place at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 2nd.

This event is one of several planned during the 2014 calendar year tocelebrate Swarthmore's Sesquicentennial. Explore the full list at:
Susan Dreher,, (610) 328-7324
McCabe Library
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Adelante: Film Screening and Talk by Noam Osband, Producer and Director
4:30 PM
6:00 PM
Latin American Studies invites you to attend the film screening of Noam Osband's first feature-length documentary, Adelante.  Noam Osband, the film's producer, director, and director of photography will conduct a question and answer session following this film screening about Mexican immigration where Mexican newcomers are revitalizing a dying Irish-Catholic parish in Norristown, PA.  “Adelante” invites the audience into St. Patrick’s Church, and through portraying the lives of selected individuals - a remarkable Irish-American priest, young Mexican immigrants, and older Irish parishioners.

In the film, we see American parishioners from this once moribund church learn to accept and embrace this new group of immigrants who bring new life to their church and community. We also witness the expectant joy of immigrant families establishing new lives in an unfamiliar, at times bewildering, country that offers their children more opportunities, while also observing the painful compromises caused by leaving behind family and support networks. Ultimately, we see the two groups interact in harmony and come to understand and rejoice in each other’s lives.

An anthropology PhD student and filmmaker, Noam Osband's prior work includes a short film about an Arkansas cattle auction, Searcy County, that has screened at over 15 festivals including the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and the Sebastopol Documentary Festival. Osband won the Penn Dean’s Award for New Media that allowed him to complete principal photography for an ongoing project about Baruch Marzel, a West Bank-based Israeli right-wing politician. Currently, he is working on a feature-length documentary about Mexican reforestation workers in the southeast United States, a film that will serve as his dissertation for his PhD in anthropology. This will be the first documentary film ever submitted for a PhD at the University of Pennsylvania.
Anna Everetts,, (610) 328-7750
Kohlberg : Kohlberg, Scheuer Room
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The Gilbert Lecture - \"We’re Free, But Not Free\": Custodial Citizenship in Our Time
8:00 PM
12:00 AM
\"We’re Free, But Not Free\": Custodial Citizenship in Our TimeVesla Weaver (Yale University) is co-author of the pioneering study, Arresting Citizenship: The Democratic Consequences of American Crime Control (University of Chicago Press, 2014). It documents the full significance for American democracy of the little-known fact that one-third of America’s adult population has a criminal record due to aggressive police surveillance of communities. Contact with the criminal justice system has profoundly shaped these citizens’ views of democracy and government. It has created a hidden but deep division in our country between those Americans who have records, even if they have no convictions, and those who do not.
Gina Ingiosi,, 610-328-8127
Science Center : Science Center 101
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Community Collection, Hosted by the Presidential Search Committee
12:30 PM
2:00 PM
The Presidential Search Committee invites the entire campus community to continue its conversation about Swarthmore's 15th president. Light refreshments provided.
Ed Rowe,, 610-328-8314
Clothier : Tarble-in-Clothier All-Campus Space
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