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*Swarthmore College
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        Beardsley Hall, Room 316
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    Black Cultural Center
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        Bond Hall, Lodge 6
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    By Invitation Only
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        Off-Campus Study Office
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    Delta Upsilon Lodge
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        Lamb-Miller Defense Room
    Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility
        Lang Center
        Lang Center, Keith Room
        Lang Center, Seminar Room
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        LPAC Troy Dance Studio
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        Martin 213
    Mary Lyon Dorm
    McCabe Library
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        Cosby Courtyard
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        Elmore Outdoor Classroom
        Fragrance Garden
        Front Lawn of Papazian
        Front Lawn of Pearson
        Harry Wood Garden
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        Scott Amphitheater
        Scott Amphitheater
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        Sharples Patio
        Sproul Terrace
        Terry Shane Teaching Garden
        Trotter Lawn
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        Willets BBQ Area
        Papazian 319
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        Admissions Office
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        Parrish 287 - Admissions Commons
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        Parrish East Parlor
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        Parrish, Rose Garden Circle
        Shane Lounge
        Pearson 113
    Phi Psi Fraternity
    Science Center
        Eldridge Commons
        Math/Stat Common Room
        Science Center L32
        Science Center 101 - Chang Hou Hall
        Science Center 102
        Science Center 104
        Science Center 105
        Science Center 110
        Science Center 128
        Science Center 145
        Science Center 158
        Science Center 161
        Science Center 181
        Science Center 183
        Science Center 199 - Cunniff Hall
        Science Center 256
        Science Center 264
        Science Center L26
        Science Center Peter van de Kamp Observatory
        Science Center Quad
    Scott Arboretum
        Community Garden
        Scott Arboretum Offices
    Sharples Dining Hall
        Dining Room 208
        Dining Room 209
        Kitao Student Art Gallery
        Sharples Patio
        Sharples Room 4
    Sproul Observatory
    Tarble Pavilion
    The Matchbox
        The Matchbox - Tarble Commons
        Trotter 115
        Trotter 120
        Trotter 201
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        Trotter 215
        Trotter 301
        Trotter 303
        Trotter 315
        Wharton C Basement
        Wharton Courtyard
    Willets Hall
        Mephistos Lounge
    Wister Center
        Wister Center, Gillespie Room
    Women's Resource Center
    Worth Health Center
Abbottstown, PA
Ace Club
Allentown, Pa.
Annville, Pa.
Aston, Pa.
Baltimore, Md.
Bent Creek Country Club
Bethlehem, Pa.
Boston, MA
Bridges CC
Bryn Athyn, Pa.
Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr, Pa.
California, Md.
Carlise, Pa.
Carlisle, PA
Carlisle, Pa.
Chester, Pa.
Chestertown, MD
Chestertown, Md.
Collegeville, PA
Collegeville, Pa.
Dover, Del.
Friends Meeting House
Gettysburg, PA
Gettysburg, Pa.
Glenside, Pa.
Greensboro, NC
Hanover, Ind.
Haverford, PA
Haverford, Pa.
Hoboken, N.J.
Indianapolis, IN
Lamb Miller Classroom 113
Lamb Miller Hospitality Room
Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, Pa.
Lehigh CC
Lincoln, NE
Madison, N.J.
Media, Pa.
New York, NY
Newton, Mass.
Off Campus
    Atlanta, GA
    Away Game
        Away Game
    Berkeley, CA
    Boston, MA
    Chicago, IL
    Denver, CO
    London, England
    Los Angeles, CA
    Metro DC/Baltimore
    Miami, FL
    New York, NY
    Off Campus
    Palo Alto, CA
    Philadelphia, PA
    Pittsburg, PA
    Portland, OR
    Princeton, NJ
    San Francisco, CA
    Seattle, WA
    Washington, DC
Pasadena, Calif.
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Princeton, N.J.
Raven's Claw CC
Rochester, N.Y.
Rose Tree Park
Springfield, PA
St. Davids, PA
Swarthmore, Pa
Swarthmore, Pa.
Syracuse, Ny
Villanova, Pa.
Washington, D.C.
Wayne, Pa.
West Chester, PA
Westminster, MD
Westminster, Md.
Whitford CC
Wilkes-Barre, PA
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